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For more than 30 years, Chromatotec Group is specialized in the manufacturing of gas monitoring & analysis instrumentation.
Chromatotec instruments (analyzers with gas generators) offer a wide and varied range of applications suitable for use in hazardous areas including:
  • Emission/CEM
  • Impurity in pure gas (CO2, Total HydroCarbons, O2, N2, H2, CO, etc.) analysis
  • Natural Gas/Biogas – Sulfur compound monitoring
  • Ambient Air Monitoring (indoor & outdoor) – Volatile Organic Compounds detection
Two Chromatotec instruments have recently completely passed the required tests according to the European Norm 14662-3:2005 (methods for the measurement of Benzene concentration).
Recently, Chromatotec Group has installed three instruments in a world-wide soft drinks Manufacturer to control the quality of its CO2 production.
The three analyzers, installed in a cabinet, continuously monitor levels of:
  • BTEX compounds (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene) and Acetaldehyde with the AirmoBTX analyzer
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Total Hydrocarbons with the Chroma THC analyzer
  • Sulfur Compounds with the Chroma S analyzer
contained in the CO2 streams destined to be added to the manufacturer beverages.
Via VistaCHROM, the supervision program of Chromatotec instruments, the activation of four alarms has been incorporated into the analysis bay. These alarms alert the Production Department when the compounds detected levels exceed those defined by the regulatory body (International society of Beverage Technologists).
The Alarm 1 concerns Acetaldehyde and Benzene levels in µg/m3.
The Alarm 2 is about Total Sulfur levels in µg/m3 or in sulfur equivalent.
The Alarm 3 concerns Total Hydrocarbons level (THC = CH4 + NMTHC) in ppb or in µg/m3.
The Alarm 4 is about levels of H2S in µg/m3.
Humidity level is also analyzed in this cabinet.
This efficient collaboration is the result of many years of experience between Chromatotec Group and pure gas manufacturers worldwide.

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