Firmenname: Innovative Mag-Drive LLC
Strasse: 409 S. Vista Ave.
PLZ / Ort: USA-60101 Addison, IL
Telefon: +1 630 543-4240 Postfach:
Telefax: +1 630 543-4245 Postfach-PLZ:
INNOMAG - Advanced Sealless Pumps
“For Clean Manufacturing”, is where it all starts. INNOMAG strives to keep your work environment safe and clean by producing a zero emissions pump. We have been manufacturing Sealless, Non-metallic, Magnetically Driven Pumps since 1998. Our “claim-to-fame” is our Thrust Balanced product line, the TB-mag series. It’s introduction revolutionized the non-metallic, mag-drive pumping industry as the first fully thrust-balanced pump with the ability to handle solids. This was truly a first for this class of pumps, no longer do you need perfectly clean liquids! When applied right, an INNOMAG pump can make a real difference for your environment, maintenance staff and operators alike. INNOMAG is recognized as an innovator and leader in the sealless, non-metallic, mag-drive pump market. Helping you create a cleaner tomorrow starts with our products, our distributors and of course… the INNOMAG team.

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